Mariah Carey Spills The Tea And Takes Us To “Infinity”

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After releasing one of her most critically-acclaimed albums in ages last year, Queen Mariah Carey is showing no signs of stopping. She’s touching down in Vegas tonight in preparation for her Vegas show, releasing a second installment to her #1’s compilation album (she’s collected about one or five more since her first one), and she just dropped “Infinity”: an absolute stormer of a breakup anthem and a sign that the Greatest Artist In The History Of Ever has yet to slow down.


Hear that? No, it’s not heaven’s gates opening up, it’s just some booming production complimented by a string intro that signifies that the following song will be nothing short of epic. This is what a song titled “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” should sound like. A perfect midway between rhythmic R&B beats and sparkling pop sensibilities, a sign of a diva that knows what she’s doing in the studio.


“Name hold weight like kilos / Boy you actin so corny like Fritos / Wouldn’t have none of that without me tho / Ain’t none of my business, it’s tea though,” the chanteuse croons – Yes, she really does say “it’s tea though.” Clearly Mimi, along with an all-star cast of songwriters including Eric Hudson and Pricsilla Renea, still hasn’t lost the magic touch when it comes to writing hits. But none of it compares to the soaring chorus: “Close the door, lose the key / Leave my heart on the mat for me.” And theres even a small reference to last year’s highly underrated “You’re Mine (Eternal)” in there that true lambs will notice.


And is anyone still caught up in last year’s Christmas nontroversy? Not only does her belting voice sound as strong as ever, but that ending? “Infinity is more than just a made up… DREEEEEE-E-EEAM.” Haters better get up out her face because that legendary voice is anything but elusive here.


“Infinity” is serving up the same kind of brilliance that made The Emancipation of Mimi a fan favorite, with the candid lyricism that we love, with just an extra layer of bitch-is-coming-for-blood sprinkled on top. This is proof of just why Mariah is releasing #1 to Infinity, her second #1’s album, and I don’t think any of us would mind this being the start to her third.


Mariah is in full force. But it’s nothing you don’t already know. Listen to the song and watch the lyric video below:





“Infinity” was released on April 26 (iTunes)
#1 to Infinity will be released on May 18 (iTunes)

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