Katy Perry Poses with Mariah Carey, but Did Mimi Diss Her?

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What happens when a kitty cat meets a butterfly? We found out this weekend when Katy Perry took to the holy Mecca of lambs (Las Vegas) to see Mariah Carey‘s show, #1 to Infinity , showing everyone that she is in fact “lambily 4lyfe”.


lambily 4lyfe.

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Adorable, right? But some might feel a little confused given Shady Perry’s track record regarding MC. Aside from being quoted saying “She’s fabulous for a throwback” — insinuating that she is no longer relevant — she also included a somewhat offensive caricature of Mariah in her video for “This Is How We Do“.



But it seems like that’s all in the past now, and possibly blown out of proportion by the media. Katy posted two more Instagram posts — one photo and one video — posing with the Queen of Billboard herself, and the pair seemed to be taking to each other fabulously! I mean, at least as fabulously as Mariah takes to anyone paying for a meet and greet. (Kidding!)



A video posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

MORTA 😩 LINDA 😩   A photo posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on


Iconic shot, and both female powerhouses look AMAZING! Everything is rainbows and fireworks. But not so sure we should expect a duet anytime soon; Is it just me, or does it look like Mimi straight up blew right past Katy on purpose in this Vine clip?




Rest assured, all is amicable. Earlier, Mariah re-posted Katy’s Instagram photo with the caption “Thank you to @katyperry and her friends for coming to the show. You looked beautiful!”. The classy chanteuse.  



Maybe we are reading too much into this. Maybe Mariah — who is no stranger to a little subtle shade herself — can appreciate a little diva drag from Katy with no hard feelings. Maybe it’s just an industry accepted fact that Katy is a little jokester who means no harm. Maybe we should give Katy the benefit of the doubt — it’s not like she has any other industry feuds.



*Edit 7/30* During an interview at Hallmark Channel upfronts, Mariah talks about meeting Katy, and speaks very highly of her! Check out the moment at about 0:38


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