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Jerrin Strenge by Tyson Vick for HUF Magazine

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Quite a unique editorial from HUF Magazine starring Jerrin Strenge and photographed by Tyson Vick. Not just photographed, but also [temporarily] tattooed. A little background: Vick is not only a stellar photographer, but a talented prop master, costume designer, and illustrator; an overall multi-faceted true artist.

Mr. Vick channeled his creative energy into painting a beautiful work of art onto a beautiful canvas: Jerrin’s body. The intricate tattoo art is immaculate, dreamy, ethereal, and also looks really freaking realistic.

Jerrin’s ability to take direction and work the camera, his insanely good looks, and that pair of white Clever briefs working overtime is quite the lethal combo – especially with Vick behind the lens.

See more at HUF Magazine

Jerrin Strenge  – NTA Model Management

Tyson Vick (Photography and body art)

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