Austin Sikora by Viktor Klimenko for Adon

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I can’t believe I am just now getting around to posting this 2016 photoshoot for Adon Magazine. I can say with certainty that is my favorite series of images of Austin Sikora ever, and not just because of my socks kink. KIDDING. (Maybe.)

Jokes aside, it’s no surprise that I love this shoot so much, considering that it was photographed by Viktor Klimenko, who is known for popping out iconic images like a factory. I can say that more than a handful of my favorite photo sets are lensed by the talented Mr. Klimenko.

Klimenko’s shoots are always eye-catching and high quality – partially because he knows how to create a mood, a vibe, keep it consistent and cohesive, with LOTS of style. His eye for aesthetics is next-level, and he knows how to evoke a carnal response in people, as well as stimulate their appreciation for beauty.

Combined with Austin’s talent, experience, and that physique… the results are exponential.

I would have never expected to be so into an olive and grey color palette like this to really do it for me, but it really, really does – and it completely compliments Austin’s gorgeous tan.

But I think what really makes this spread God-tier is the style. The furnishings, the fashion, and yes, those socks. Truth be told though, I am pretty obsessed with those sneakers. Everything piece of apparel in this set is immaculate: from Fendi to Givenchy, to those Diesel briefs that really round out the collection. (Full list of brand credits at the end of this post)

I can’t wait to see more shoots from Viktor Klimenko, hopefully more work from Austin, and of course Adon‘s phenomenal curation.

Austin Sikora

Viktor Klimenko

American Apparel
Ralph Lauren

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