Fifth Harmony is Back and Bangin’ With Their New Single “BO$$”

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From the production, to the lyrics, to the album art, Fifth Harmony seems to be headed in a new, focused direction. A little reinvention doesn’t hurt once in a while — and this sleek, sexy, mature look and sound definitely lends to them very well.


Let’s talk about the song:

Stomping beats and finger snaps. Name-checking.  Blaring horns. Edgy and urban. Spoken word. LOTS of HARMONY. (Only fitting, right?)

Instantly iconic lyrics “I want a Kanye-ye not a Ray-J” “I aint thirsty for no bae” — You can’t go wrong with Ray-J shade.

Idolater weighs in:

Has Fifth Harmony grown up? Not quite – despite themselves, the group’s girlish charm shine at the hook (“Michelle Obama / Purse so heavy, making Oprah dollars”). And that’s okay. As Fifth Harmony smirk at thirsty males, while producer Wallpaper. cues the bombast of Jason Derulo‘s “Talk Dirty” and off-kilter snaps and locker-door snaps of the Neptunes, “Bo$$” proves to be a working girl anthem in the tradition of “Bills, Bills, Bills,” Kelis‘ “Bossy” and TLC‘s “No Scrubs,” though for an age of filming #NaeNae Vines at the White House.

Only complaint here is that the song is pretty short, at 2 minutes and 51 seconds. Maybe they are leaving room for a rap feature?


Now let’s talk about the album art:

In the past their style has been a little Forever 21

A group quinceanera sponsored by Claire’s Accessories

An Instagram picture that might look like this:

But the new and improved Fifth Harmony’s style shoots right past The Pussycat Dolls brand of Juicy Couture meets bondage, and lands them in a more sophisticated territory — not unlike Danity Kane. Strong, empowered women — with a fresh, girlish charm. The new era has begun.




 “BO$$” was released on July 7


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