Dustin McNeer by Fritz Yap

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We have been following the handsome Dustin McNeer closely since his earliest Instagram days two years ago, and it has been a journey to watch him mature and develop as a model. From Abercrombie to Hollister to America’s Next Top Model, we just knew he was destined for great things — and we are loving all of the quality images of him that have been dominating the web lately. It’s very exciting to see Dustin photographed by amazingly talented photographers like Fritz Yap, who captured these images.

Warning: These pictures get more and more intense as you scroll.

Sweating yet? Want more? You can catch more of Dustin on Cycle 22 of America’s Next Top Model, you can follow his Instagram, and you can check out more pics of him and his famous selfies on our Tumblr blog.


Photographer: Fritz Yap

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