Christina Aguilera Opens The NBA All-Star Game: The Comeback Begins

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Ladies, move! Gentlemen, move! Somebody ring the alarm, there’s a legend in the room!




In case you were too occupied yesterday with plebeian things such as the 40th Anniversary of SNL, Christina Aguilera ripped the stage apart at the the NBA All-Star game and reminded us of a greatness that most people haven’t seen since 2009. No shade.


The singer, who just added another Grammy to her collection last week, appeared in a literal big apple before bringing the house down in a thundering tribute to the Empire State. However, instead of the ahead-of-its-time music she’s been giving us the past few years, she kept it strictly back to basics today. She opened with Frank Sinatra‘s “New York, New York” before diving into The Drifters’ “On Broadway,” Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind,” and Alicia Keys’ hook from “Empire State of Mind.” Xtina’s Fighters probably would’ve caught a quick “Dirrty” reference thrown in there, it’s just too bad Taylor Swift’s new classic “Welcome To New York” was snubbed from the medley.


Joining the spectacle was New York’s own Mr. Nasty Nas with his own “N.Y. State of Mind,” as well as The Rockettes sashaying in for the grand finale. Nevertheless, no one could outshine the pop royalty, who – for the first time in a while – looked like a proper pop superstar.




Her look was on point, giving us Britney‘s “Me Against The Music” realness in that pantsuit, looking like she was hiding some basketballs in there of her own, before making a quick change into a classy Intimates Collection-inspired getup. Not to mention the classic red lips – and that’s just her mic stand. Through it all, our queen never missed a single note as she growled her way through the timeless classics. While she sounded a bit more croaky than we would’ve liked, she sounds miles ahead of her state during the Lotus era and we’re glad she looks happy and healthy. This is what a true Aguileran comeback looks like.




The only thing we disliked about the show? The lack of original material. It only makes us hungrier and hungrier for the new era to begin, which producers Da Internz have reported to be “upper echelon music with ratchet hood drums and caviar ratchet”. Beautiful. Xtina, it’s time to make the world move once more, and remind us of who owns the throne.





Pint-sized chanteuse Ariana Grande kept the party going for the halftime show sounding as good as ever with a medley of her My Everything hits, not to mention a quick throwback to her debut single, “The Way,” and some promo for her latest single “One Last Time.” Nicki Minaj even came to spit a few bars for “Bang Bang,” and looked amazing after being at New York Fashion Week all day. All divas did amazing last night, the Super Bowl committee should be smart to keep an eye on these girls: This is how you put on a show.



Gifs: Brandon Joseph/Poison Paradise

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