Check Out Tyler Posey’s Patriotic Package on the Teen Wolf After After Show

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You know, America isn’t always the greatest (*cough* Trump), but it’s moments like this when we’re truly glad to be living in the land of the free.

It’s brave patriots like Tyler Posey that really make us proud to be an American. We’re pretty glad he also loves the wonderful things this country has given to us, which include MTV, J.Lo, and pantsless skateboarding.

It’s no secret that Ty Ty isn’t shy about his… pride, and we’re ecstatic that he’s so willing to share his patriotism with us. Apple pie, baseball, scantily clad hunks. We love our country. Check out the clip above from the Teen Wolf After After Show featuring Tyler as “Lieutenant America”.

For those of you with short attention spans (like us) here’s some of the best bits in Vine form:

And if you still need more, here are some GIFs we made for ya:

It’s definitely a party in the USA today.

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