Tyler Posey Skateboards in His Underwear + 3 More Pantsless Moments

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It was a beautiful morning to be flipping and flopping around the skate park. Earlier this week our favorite Teen Wolf hottie Tyler Posey posted an Instagram video in sponsorship of Freshpark skate ramps, letting us see his amazing deck. However, it seems like our boy simply just couldn’t be bothered to put on pants, guess he was just too excited to show off his equipment.


Getting in a little early morning undies sesh. Thanks Freshpark for hooking a brotha up

A video posted by Tyler Posey (@i_love_harveys) on


Here it is in slow-mo gif form:


We’re certainly glad he’s not a fan of simply half-assing things, and the orange briefs certainly bring out his… bold features, don’t they? Tyler is absolutely no stranger to stripping down to his undies and showing off his hot bod — sometimes for a noble cause such as breast cancer awareness on The Ellen Show:



And sometimes to simply just give the people what they want:



Or sometimes just simple behind-the-scenes werewolf antics… (We’re gonna need a shower after this one as well.)


We’re happy that our wolf boy is so comfortable with showing off his hot bod. Here’s to many more Instagram-worthy moments to come!


Header photo: Lesley Bryce
Gifs: Brandon Joseph/Poison Paradise

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