Get Ready For Scream Queens: Meet The Chanels

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Scream Queens has been one of our most hotly anticipated shows of 2015, and we’re not just saying that because Nick Jonas is in the cast!

The mad genius Ryan Murphy has whipped up a cast that features an ensemble of stars from the OG scream queen herself Jamie Lee Curtis, to Lea Michele and Keke Palmer.

Today, fans were given an inside look at The Chanels, Scream Queens’ own take on iconic groups such as The Heathers or The Plastics. The Chanels are comprised of Emma Roberts, donut-licking ponytail-wielding pop sensation Ariana Grande, Billie Lourd (who isn’t really known for anything yet other than being the daughter of Carrie Fisher) and My Sister’s Keeper star Abigail Breslin, known as Chanel, Chanel #2, Chanel #3, and Chanel #5, respectively. We’re not exactly sure why a Chanel #4 doesn’t exist yet, but we can’t wait to see these girls in action and what kind of trouble they’re about to get into.

Take a look at the videos below, and let us know who your favorite Chanel is in the comments.


Scream Queens premieres on September 22nd at 8/7c on FOX


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