Eminem Gets Inspirational in ‘Guts Over Fear’ Music Video Featuring Sia

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Back in August, Eminem teamed up with Sia once again (you might remember 2013’s “Beautiful Pain) on “Guts Over Fear”, which was featured on the film soundtrack for The Equalizer, and will now be included on Shady XV (out today), a compilation album celebrating the 15th anniversary of Shady Records.





The song is a dark, dissonant recollection of Eminem’s own struggles in becoming a successful music artist. Through the song’s lyrics, Eminem speaks to others undergoing hardships, explaining that he has been there himself, and how he learned to harness the pain and anger into motivation to grow strength and persevere . Sia beautifully sings the title’s message of guts-over-fear in the chorus, in between some of Em’s most inspirational lyrics to date, such as:

Now I don’t wanna seem indulgent
When I discuss my lows and my highs
My demise and my uprise, pray to God
I just opened enough eyes later on
And gave you the supplies and the tools
To hopefully use that’ll make you strong
Enough to lift yourself up, when you feel like I felt
Cause I can’t explain to y’all how dang exhausted my legs felt
Just having to balance my dang self
When on eggshells, I was made to walk
But thank you, ma, cause that gave me the
Strength to cause Shady-mania, so when they empty that stadium
Least I made it out of that house
And a found a place in this world when the day was done

The Syndrome-directed music video, which premiered today, offers the perfect visual to the song, both mirroring its bleak imagery of struggle and message of hope through courage. In the clip, an aspiring boxer uses real-life obstacles he is facing — a pregnant wife, an alcoholic father, overdue bills, losing his thankless job as a dishwasher — to fuel his strength and determination in defeating his opponents. Sia’s performance is portrayed by model Chantelle Brown Young, wearing the artist’s signature blonde wig, while Eminem appears in interspersed performance shots in an abandoned warehouse.





 Shady XV was released on Nov 24, 2014 (iTunes)
Gifs: Brandon Joseph/Poison Paradise

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