Austin Mahone Gets Down To “Dirty Work” Off Of Debut Album

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Remember that time teen sensation Austin Mahone released that first single off of his debut album? Yeah, he didn’t. But with a total of five singles and two EPs already under his belt, it looks like the guy is ready to finally get off of his ass and start cooking up a full-length album in the studio for us. Mahomies rejoice.


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The title “Dirty Work” has been teased/rumored long before its premiere of the song and artwork today, and will be finally released on July 10. The track is one of his most mature releases yet, and definitely feels appropriate to start a new musical chapter on.

“Dirty Work” continues Austin’s throwback journey to the past, but takes us to a bit of funk with a bassline that recalls Queen‘s “Another One Bites The Dust” or (for the modern pop fan) Justin Timberlake‘s “Sexy Ladies” and a groovy style that transports us back to the time of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop himself. “Cause when you do what you love, you’re gonna love what you do / You know I do it with love, each night I do it for you,” he croons before the explosive chorus that’s a mishmash of funky and a #SassyandBrassy horn cameo that kids today seem to love so much. We can’t wait to hopefully see some fun (“swaggy?”) choreography in the music video.

We loved teen pop banga bangas like “What About Love” and “Mmm Yeah,” but it’s always nice to see our fresh-faced cutie grow up to sing about some important adult issues: “I’m filthy down to the core / Leave all your stress at the door.” Whew, Becky G is a lucky girl. It seems like Austin has really locked into a sound that works for him and is going to make him stand out in the new generation of young pop stars.

Check out the audio track above, and some of our favorite pictures of Austin below.

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