Zac Efron’s ‘Neighbors 2’ Striptease Has Him Feeling Cocky

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Zac Efron gave hundreds of movie extras quite a show on Tuesday while filming a big dance-party scene for his upcoming film, Sorority Rising — the sequel to Neighbors.

You may remember Neighbors for it’s gratuitous shirtless shots of Efron performing various tasks ranging from grilling hot dogs to working as a greeter at an Abercrombie & Fitch store.




Well, it seems the sequel will continue in the scantily-clad tradition.



After some break-dancing and pelvic thrusts, Zac proceeded to rip off his sweatpants to reveal tight bright-orange shorts that he continued to dance in. As those of us with penises know, busting out some dope dance moves in tight clothing can leave our junk uncomfortably askew and in need for some hands-on management. Zac Efron may be an unreal genetic marvel, but even he is not immune to this phenomenon, as we can see.


A photo posted by Will Keightley™ (@willdeux) on



We know this isn’t the 1st time Mr. Efron had to get his unwieldy member under control, as we remember moments from 2012 and just this past April. Was Zac trying to avoid a dick slip? Maybe he’s just #FeelingNuts for testicular cancer awareness? We aren’t sure, but either way, we are glad to watch.

Are you excited for the Neighbors sequel? Do you wish you were Zac’s hand right now? We won’t judge. Let us know in the comments!

Thanks to Jazzmenloria for bringing this to our attention!

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Est LA mario
Est LA mario
8 years ago

Dude looks coked out.

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