Happy Birthday, Taylor Lautner! 15 Things We Love About Him

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23 years ago, a beautiful baby sharkboy was brought into this world. That sharkboy became a teen wolf, and howled his way into our hearts, and pants. We at Poison Paradise would like to wish a happy birthday to our favorite alpha, Taylor Lautner. Here’s 15 reasons we love him:


1. He loves his fans

pics with fans


2. He can play football

Mark Seliger/Rolling Stone

3. He looks good on a motorcycle

Mario Testino/GQ

Even when he is riding it backwards.


4. ABS.



5. He looks good when it’s a little cold out


Nipple game strong.


6. He could easily escape Jurassic Park Velociraptors


Move over, Chris Pratt.


7. He is a hydration advocate


Single-handedly encouraging us all to drink more water.


8. He looks good in a suit

David Slijper/GQ


9. He looks good out of a suit

bd23 bd21


10. Or wet, fresh out of the shower, in nothing but a towel

cuckoo1 cuckoo2


11. He looks good on his knees


Get your mind out of the gutter!


12. He looks good on his stomach

on stomach

Okay, okay. Our minds are in the gutter too.


13. He always hangs the same way

to the left

To the left, to the left


14. He likes to show off his waistband


15. He’s a Britney fan


What’s your favorite thing about Taylor? Leave a comment below!


Gifs: Poison Paradise

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