Demi Turns up the Heat In “Cool for the Summer” Music Video

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Demi Lovato might be getting “Cool for the Summer,” but her new video is absolutely hot.




The Hannah Lux Davis-directed visual is one of Demi’s best yet, largely stepping up her game from the eye-catching but ultimately prosaic videos for “Skyscraper” and “Neon Lights.” The lighting, the cinematography, the ferocity, all taken up to new levels.




Demi and her crew look absolutely #squadgoals and cool walking through town with the “Heart Attack” diva front and center showing off her hot body in a sexy bikini with nothing else but a face beat for the gods and a shirt wrapped around her waist. Supes on trend, Dem Dem.




And it wouldn’t be a #HotSummerJam without a hot dance party would it? The girls make sure to show off their best moves, getting their Spring Breakers on, probably subliminally telling her and Selena Gomez‘s fanbases to chill the fuck out Seriously guys, fan wars? Not cool for the summer. You know what is cool for the summer? Fierce looks, hair flips, and a newly solidified superstar in the making serving the camera. That’s cool for the summer.




Check out the video above, enjoy our GIFs, and leave a comment below! Just don’t tell your mother.



“Cool For The Summer” was released on July 1, 2015 (iTunes)

Gifs: Brandon Joseph/Poison Paradise

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