Best of Instagram: Maverick McConnell is a Devil and an Angel

by • Apr 25, 2017 • Best of Instagram, Maverick McConnell, Shirtless, UnderwearComments (1)7817

Wilhelmina model, Denver native, and genetic marvel Maverick McConnell took to his Instagram account this week to share some stunning new black and white digitals — as models sometimes do. However, when Maverick is involved, there’s often a creative twist.

Armed with just his iPhone and an app, Mr. McConnell spiced up the shots (not that there was any lack of spice before…) with some contemporary urban sketch art, transforming into a Victorias Secret Calvin Klein angel, and a moody bedroom Beelzebub.

Male Model Maverick McConnell Calvin Klein Underwear
Model Model Maverick McConnell

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Bailoir Smith
Bailoir Smith
3 years ago

Sensational photoshoot and special mention for this male photographer vivid imagination and also this carefully selected male model on a winner restassured! ✈️

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