Wrathschild Debuts Music Video for Their Second Single, “Angeles”

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On June 30th, Wrathschild debuted their second single, “Angeles” on iTunes. The song is a haunting yet uplifting ode to LA; both somber and bright at the same time, not unlike the city itself. Just like the lyrics, the song is “Beautiful and violent and full of despair”. With it’s chants and tribal drums, this song is the perfect listen whether you are looking out over the city lights from Mullholland Drive,  driving the gritty streets of East LA, jogging through Runyon Canyon,  or patronizing the businesses of Silverlake. That’s not to say that non-Angelinos will not enjoy the track as well — the song depicts a mood and feeling that will bring you emotionally closer to the city, wherever you may be.

The music video for “Angeles” has just debuted on Wrathschild’s VEVO Channel, and it’s perfect — Packed with iconic imagery, striking effects, and plenty of on-location shots that true Los Angelinos will recognize. Simon Curtis and Ro “Wolfy” Danishei look fresh and beautiful, even in the most casual of SoCal attire, and they truly emote the feel of the song through their eyes and movements.

Enoy a few gifs from the video:

gif-wraths1 gif-wraths-2 gif-wraths-3 gif-wraths-4

“Angeles” was released on June 30.

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