The Rebirth of Zayn: Pain, Pleasure, and “PILLOWTALK”

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It’s finally here. Zayn Malik, now Zayn, our favorite boy band member turned big bad solo artist has dropped “PILLOWTALK” — his official solo introduction to the world. With a video no less.

It’s steamy. Whatever you expected: it’s hotter. There’s crashing synths, skittering percussion, and body-shaking belts. Seriously, you’re gonna wanna get it on to this song.

The wait? It was worth it. Zayn’s in full control of his vocals, sounding more like “Zayn” than we’ve ever heard before, completely in his element as he forgoes purrs for wails right from the beginning of the verses – also known as the foreplay.

The chorus? Unforgiving. Think Nick Jonas‘ “Chains” taken to another level. Think of the sexiest Tinashe slow burner and add the melodic equivalent of an orgasm on top of that. “So we’ll piss off the neighbours / In the place that feels the tears, the place to lose your fears.” Ugh. Take us there, Zayn.

Oh and that visual? Surrealistically stunning, like the opening credits to a modern day James Bond film. The music video features clips of Zayn and his real-life model girlfriend Gigi Hadid in their own personal paradise/war zone. It’s kind of hard to explain exactly, so we’ll let our GIFs do the work.

We couldn’t have expected a more exciting (or sexier) solo debut from the singer. In one swift move, Zayn has aligned himself as one of the biggest male pop stars to be reckoned with.



What do you think readers? Not a fan? Or are you ready for the reign of Zayn?

“PILLOWTALK” was released on January 28, 2016 (iTunes)

GIFs: Brandon Joseph/Poison Paradise

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