Sam Smith’s Somber New Vid ‘I’m Not The Only One’ Stars Dianna Agron And Chris Messina

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Dianna Agron (Glee) and Chris Messina (The Mindy Project) star in the new music video for Sam Smith‘s “I’m Not The Only One”, the latest single off of his album In the Lonely Hour.

The Luke Monaghan-directed video finds Agron putting on a brave face and a smile which quickly turns to a face of anguish as Messina leaves their home.



After a tearful drive into town, we see Agron chug some wine directly from the bottle, and stock up on lighter fluid. At this point we can pretty much tell she is not just pre-gaming for her Labor Day mixer.




This all happens while Messina is out having a torrid tryst at a nightclub




Now back at home, Agron has a little wardrobe barbeque that would make even Angela Bassett proud.





Can you blame her though?



When you are finished wiping the tears from your eyes, let us know what you think of the video!

In the Lonely Hour was released on May 26, 2014 (iTunes)
Gifs: Poison Paradise


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Alim Tenitra Michelle Kheraj
Alim Tenitra Michelle Kheraj
9 years ago


Andrew Gin ▲
Andrew Gin ▲
9 years ago

i wish this was a short film instead of a sam smith video.

Poison Paradise
9 years ago
Reply to  Andrew Gin ▲

I knowwwww. And I wish there was a more tragic, or vengeful ending. Not suicide or anything but maybe he drives home instead and gets pulled over and gets a DUI and they search is car and find a gun or drugs or a human head or something that she planted there, and he gets thrown in jail where he’s raped and he calls her to come post bail and she comes in and sees him and just shakes her head while he cries and then she just leaves him in there

Poison Paradise
9 years ago

jk rape is never cool

Poison Paradise
9 years ago

jk about the human head

9 years ago

There’s something about Dianna Agron’s acting that’s just so amazing to me. Her emotional capacity is through the roof and she’s gorgeous to boot. Stunning video.

9 years ago

I have such a crush on Chris Messina. I’ve watched a lot of movies with him in it recently. Also… I’m not usually a fan of Diana but she’s kinda slaying me in this video

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