Nick Jonas Takes Us to the Rooftop In “Levels”: Video + GIFs

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Nick Jonas‘ music video for “Levels,” dropped last night during the MTV Video Music Awards after his pre-show performance, is a total sensory overload: scantily clad female dancers, quick cuts to the max, and plenty of sexy shots of the hunk of man on the stage. The editing and cinematography feels crisp and clean, a welcome direction after the craziness of “Chains” and “Jealous.”

“Levels” sees our boy in full pop star mode as he gives sexy stares throughout the abandoned factory, recalling Tinashe‘s “All Hands On Deck” (which, by the way, was totally snubbed at the VMAs.) Speaking of the “Jealous” remix feature, our only complaint was that Nick hasn’t taken a note from her and busted out some slick choreography. Come on Nick, we see those moves you’re pulling on stage, don’t let the girls have all the fun.

(Or at least give us a strip tease or something.)



“Levels” was released on August 21, 2015 (iTunes)

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