Nick Jonas Plays Gay Again on ‘Scream Queens,’ Crawls in Bed with Straight Bro

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Thirsty for some more of “Levels” singer and LGBT warrior Nick Jonas while you wait for Kingdom‘s second season to premiere? Well now you can check out the hottie on Scream Queens as Boone, the exercise-loving frat boy with a big heart-on for Chad Radwell, played by Glen Powell. (Get acquainted with both characters here!)

The lovable hunk seems to have a bit of a crush on his Dickie Dollar Scholars brother and hunky straight best friend Chad, who’s open-minded enough to cuddle up. If you needed a reason to watch the show, you’ve got it.

Unlike Jonas’ Kingdom character, where he was just coming to terms with figuring out his own sexuality, Boone is absolutely certain he’s gay and he’s not afraid to touch some wieners while he’s at it (but it was just one time).



Although he didn’t get handsy, he still had a bit of a hard time… a Booner if you will. But I mean, it happens during the night sometimes, right? Perfectly natural.



Would you wanna cuddle up with Boone? And would you let him touch your wiener? Let us know in the comments below.


Gifs: Brandon Joseph/Poison Paradise

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