26 Colton Haynes Gifs to Celebrate His 26th Birthday

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Actor, model, and all-around hunk, Colton Haynes, turned 26 today! In honor of his birthday, let’s take a trip back over the past few years and revisit some of our favorite moments of Colton — in 26 gifs!


Smiling and smouldering (Nylon Magazine with Crystal Reed)
tumblr_lkozmyAJCX1qb9n2vo1_500 nylon


Pretty, pink poses (Victoria Justice “Gold” music video)
tumblr_mpux5ySvsx1qb9n2vo5_500 tumblr_mpux5ySvsx1qb9n2vo4_500


Shirtless locker room moments (Teen Wolf)
tumblr_m71mjnzUO61qb9n2vo1_500 tumblr_m3mhu10oq01qb9n2vo1_500 teen wolf


Having a mirror moment (Teen Wolf)
tumblr_m56c6iw8XW1qb9n2vo1_250 tumblr_m56c6iw8XW1qb9n2vo3_250


Nestling into bed to… relax? (Teen Wolf)


Making a little video (Teen Wolf)


Being very forward and making our panties drop (Teen Wolf)


Sassy-face (Teen Wolf)


The bromance with Tyler Posey
tumblr_m662tvPmww1qb9n2vo1_500 tumblr_m7lu2rFjoX1qa9vqgo3_500 tumblr_m7lu2rFjoX1qa9vqgo2_500 tumblr_m7lu2rFjoX1qa9vqgo1_500


Target practice (Arrow)


Rocking the red carpet
tumblr_mtleotKD211qb9n2vo1_500 tumblr_m0t2a145V31qb9n2vo1_500


Casually eating some takeout noodles (Nylon + DKNY, Downtown Minute)


More smouldering + eyebrow gymnastics (Dr. Pepper /1 Campaign)


Dat mouth doe (Teen Wolf)

Making a sex tape (Look, Season 1 Episode 7)
Click for NSFW gifs


And last but not least — spilling the ultimate truth tea:


You can catch Colton in season 3 of Arrow, starting in October on The CW
Follow him on Twitter and Instagram

Gifs: ColtonHaynes.net

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