10 Things You Will See When You Visit ‘Jurassic World’

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Just two days ago, we posted the 20-second teaser trailer for Colin Trevorrow‘s Jurassic World, freaked out, and maybe cried a little at the fact that we were going to have to wait a whole four days to see the full trailer on it’s planned Thanksgiving Day release. But that seems to not be the case after all! After a few clips of the full theatrical trailer were leaked online, Universal released the trailer today in all its two-minute and 40-second glory.


You may remember this Summer when an official Jurassic World tourist brochure was leaked online, which gave us our first glimpse at what kind of creatures and attractions we might see in the upcoming film. Well, today’s trailer release gave us an even more detailed view of what the park has in store for us!


1.  The Isla Nublar Ferry


Visitors are transported by the ship-full from the Costa Rican mainland to the park, as I’d imagine it wouldn’t be practical to helicopter everyone in. (Especially with bad wind shear, right?)


 2. The Monorail


Gone are the days of self-driving Ford Explorers taking you into the park’s gates.


 3. Shopping & Dining Promenade


A full open-air retail and restaurant area, similar to Universal Studios’ CityWalk (I see you, Universal!) — complete with Brookstone, Oakley Sunglasses, and Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. I know where I’ll be breaking into if something goes wrong.


 4. Jungle Trek


“A safari ride through Gallimimus Valley. Run with herds and see Apatosaurus eat from the tops of trees. A wonderful photo op!” — They’re flocking this way!


 5. Gyrosphere


“Roll your way through an amazing interactive ride! Suitable for older children as well as adults. On-site instructional video prior to take-off with comedian/video host Jimmy Fallon.” — In case you ever wanted to know how your hamster feels.


 6. Mosasaurus Feeding Show


“Feeding every two hours. Experience astounding water domination by our dino of the deep. May be disturbing for small children.” — Let’s hope the animals are treated better than at Sea World.


 7. Cretaceous Cruise


“Paddle with the dinosaurs! Must be fit enough to navigate your way down our river to see over 100 species of prehistoric life.” — Sounds safe.


 8. Creation Lab


“Located adjacent to the Innovation Center. Come see where life begins! Our scientists are hard at work to re-create all the dinosaurs that have ever existed”


 9. A new hybrid breed of dinosaur?




 10. CHAOS.


You didn’t think you were going to make it out alive, did you? Check out the full trailer below.



Jurassic World opens in theaters on June 12, 2015
Gifs: Brandon Joseph/Poison Paradise

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