I really dislike when people hate on something because its bigger, more, or more expensive than what they have, and they judge people.

"oh you have a 2TB hard drive on your computer? why would you need that"

"why do you need a 50 inch TV? that’s too big"

"why do you have a 1080 HD monitor?" "Why do you have 2 monitors?" 

"you have the Samsung Galaxy S3? That screen is way too big why do you needit? The S2 is fine"

"you have the 64GB iPhone 5? That’s excessive"

Well maybe music, videos and files are important to some of us. Maybe we have a lot of music. Maybe it makes it easier for some of us to design graphics and maybe we had an extra monitor.  Maybe we got a good sale. Maybe we find these things useful.

Maybe we drive older used cars and shop grocery sales and recycle stuff and take in an extra roommate to save money, but we still like our electronics to be nice, yeah?

Don’t rain on our parade just because you don’t have or need the same things. If things were one size fits all there would only be one size.

tumblr user's faq: I am straight
me: hmm we'll see
tumblr user's faq 6 months later: I don't label myself
me: hmm we'll see
tumblr user's faq 1 year later: I'm bisexual
me: uh huh...
tumblr user's faq 5 more months later: Gay
me: there it is.

Pro tip: If it’s someones birthday and you just found out, and you’re too lazy to go out and get them a card and too lazy to even try and think of a heartfelt message to send them- just send them a nude of yourself.

Things decided on twitter tonight:

  • The next gay celeb couple is going to be Tom Daley and Louis Tomlinson
  • Tom will use his muscly physique and dive into Louis with minimal splash (obvs Louis is the bottom)
  • Their celebrity moniker will be “TomTom”
I have never seen anyone who cleans up so well more than Shia LaBeouf

He can go from looking like a scraggly old man vagrant to being the most gorgeous young man I’ve ever seen.

Every time he shaves and does his hair it’s like extreme makeover

When I really dislike a celebrity, it’s for non-petty reasons. Reasons like they beat a girl and sent her to the hospital, or they made racial slurs or homophobic remarks.

Not because they “seem cocky” or “copied another artists outfit” or “lip-sync all the time” or “threw shade at my fave celebrity” or I don’t like their songs.

Pick your battles, people. If you hate people for petty reasons it makes you no better than them and in fact sometimes worse. 

I’m in such a shit mood. I try and stay positive as much as possible and always pretty calm, diplomatic, and fair. But sometimes people are just such pieces of shit. I can feel myself becoming this ball of repressed anger.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not fake, or passive-aggressive. I don’t let people walk all over me and I am super confrontational when necessary, but always in a fair, just way. Assertive, not aggressive. But still, more and more I feel anger bottling up in me like I just want to scream. I feel like one of these days I am going to explode.

Someone give me a hug.

I’m sorry, but Afrojack sounds like some kind of masturbation device for black guys.

  • James Marsden on 30 Rock
  • Megan Mullally on Up All Night
  • Chelsea Handler on Are You There, Chelsea?

Congrats on your strategy, NBC! Now let’s just get Whitney cancelled. I like every character in that show EXCEPT for Whitney.


Ugh. Please don’t boycott Salvation Army. It’s stupid and pointless and all it’s doing is depriving the Salvation Army of donations it needs to help the less fortunate during the holidays.

I don’t fucking care if they don’t support the gay lifestyle. It’s a Christian corporation, so what’d you expect? They’re not homophobic, they just can’t support something (sex outside of marriage) that’s considered a sin in their religion.

Hate the sin, love the sinner blah blah blah

I kind of agree. I posted a picture of myself volunteering at the Salvation Army shelter on Thanksgiving, serving food to the homeless and poverty stricken.. and a few people scolded me for not boycotting them. I wasn’t giving the Salvation Army money or agreeing with their morals, I just wanted to help feed people and they were the only shelter nearby with a volunteer program that is easy to organize a group to go to.

I’m still happy I did. 3 years in a row. Sometimes a boycott is good and proves a point but you have to pick your battles. If you boycott EVERY company that goes against something you believe in, you will have nowhere to shop, eat, and nothing to shampoo your hair with.

I think people just “boycott” the Salvation Army and like companies because it’s convenient for them. They don’t have to give up anything… but you can be sure that if a company like Apple came out as anti-gay, those same people wouldn’t be giving up their iPhones.

  • Turkey tacos were good
  • Turkey white bean chili/tortilla soup was great
  • Turkey enchildas? They were okay.
But if I see one more piece of Turkey again this week
I kinda wish Kim Kardashian had married Brody Jenner

That would be a super interesting reality show.

This quote isn’t real either, but it’s okay because it illustrates the point that I have been thinking precisely. Don’t mar your idols reputation simply because you want to try and be funny and troll with fake quotes, especially if you love them as much as you say you do.

This quote isn’t real either, but it’s okay because it illustrates the point that I have been thinking precisely. Don’t mar your idols reputation simply because you want to try and be funny and troll with fake quotes, especially if you love them as much as you say you do.