Anonymous asked: I've always wondered, when you post 4 static images in a grid, why do you make the images so small? If you posted the images at their original resolution, and allowed Tumblr to resize them in the post, then people could click the images and view them at a more enjoyable size. You post nice photos so it's such a shame to only be able to look at them when they're no bigger than a matchbox.

Thanks for asking. Most tumblr “edit” makers such as myself size images in photosets to their respective sizes, 245px for 2 images in a row, 160px for 3. 

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Omg, who is the music director for Teen Wolf?

Miserere Mei Deus topped of with a sample of Ave Maria at the end of tonight’s “Visionary” episode. Miserere is my favorite piece of choral music ever, and I haven’t heard it in TV/Movie since 1997’s Face/Off.

It’s based on Psalm 51. When translated from Latin, it means “Have mercy on me, O God, Cleanse me from my sins” which is so perfect for Derek’s lament while he hesitates to show Talia his new, blue-glowing eyes. It was perfect. I have never been so moved by the music on this show. 

It’s crazy how much thought goes into aspects of this show, like song choices. Most people don’t, and will never know that the choral song in Latin, aside from being beautiful, is also meaningful to Derek’s character and most likely carefully selected for the story line.

When a show on MTV who is known for showcasing current, buzzworthy tracks also uses a song written in in the 1630’s for the Sistine Chapel, that’s pretty awesome.

Music director: I appreciate you. 

No changing your profile picture is not going to change the Supreme Court’s decision, but that’s not what this is about. It’s about support, hope, and love. I have seen so many friends and relatives that I didn’t even know supported equal marriage rights, come out and support. And it makes me feel WONDERFUL and blessed. They have came out and not only supported marriage equality, but also voiced their overall love and support for their LGBT friends and relatives, in all aspects. From acceptance of homosexuality, to shunning those that use the Old Testament and other archaic notions as a weapon to fuel their own discrimination and phobias. 

It has also raised a lot of awareness. I can’t tell you how many people asked me what the “red icon thing” is about, and upon finding out about the Supreme Court hearings, they joined in and showed their support, changing their icons as well.

The love and support I have seen today has meant a lot to me, and a lot to others. So no, this Facebook trend is not silly or useless. So for all of you making jokes about how the “red equals sign Facebook icons thing” is stupid, your opinion is moot to me, because this day did more than just raise awareness for a court hearing. It showed me how much love and support there is out there, and it means the world to me.

And the 15 year old me who wanted to kill himself would have benefited so much from a day like this. I can only imagine what it means to young kids today. So get out of here with your hatred, and your need to be “edgy” and always on the contrary opinion. Bye.

My wish came true. I have been saying for years how Scott needs to stop dressing like a 70 year old rich man kinda wanna-be Hugh Hefner, and start dressing closer to his age,
No more silk smoking jackets, pipes, sweaters tied around his shoulders, flat-front khakis and polos, Country-club attire etc. A little scruff, and no more slicked down parted hair. THANK YOU SCOTT, now get in my bed.

My wish came true. I have been saying for years how Scott needs to stop dressing like a 70 year old rich man kinda wanna-be Hugh Hefner, and start dressing closer to his age,

No more silk smoking jackets, pipes, sweaters tied around his shoulders, flat-front khakis and polos, Country-club attire etc. A little scruff, and no more slicked down parted hair. THANK YOU SCOTT, now get in my bed.

I really dislike when people hate on something because its bigger, more, or more expensive than what they have, and they judge people.

"oh you have a 2TB hard drive on your computer? why would you need that"

"why do you need a 50 inch TV? that’s too big"

"why do you have a 1080 HD monitor?" "Why do you have 2 monitors?" 

"you have the Samsung Galaxy S3? That screen is way too big why do you needit? The S2 is fine"

"you have the 64GB iPhone 5? That’s excessive"

Well maybe music, videos and files are important to some of us. Maybe we have a lot of music. Maybe it makes it easier for some of us to design graphics and maybe we had an extra monitor.  Maybe we got a good sale. Maybe we find these things useful.

Maybe we drive older used cars and shop grocery sales and recycle stuff and take in an extra roommate to save money, but we still like our electronics to be nice, yeah?

Don’t rain on our parade just because you don’t have or need the same things. If things were one size fits all there would only be one size.

My thoughts on Chris brown & the Grammy backlash

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Ugh. Please don’t boycott Salvation Army. It’s stupid and pointless and all it’s doing is depriving the Salvation Army of donations it needs to help the less fortunate during the holidays.

I don’t fucking care if they don’t support the gay lifestyle. It’s a Christian corporation, so what’d you expect? They’re not homophobic, they just can’t support something (sex outside of marriage) that’s considered a sin in their religion.

Hate the sin, love the sinner blah blah blah

I kind of agree. I posted a picture of myself volunteering at the Salvation Army shelter on Thanksgiving, serving food to the homeless and poverty stricken.. and a few people scolded me for not boycotting them. I wasn’t giving the Salvation Army money or agreeing with their morals, I just wanted to help feed people and they were the only shelter nearby with a volunteer program that is easy to organize a group to go to.

I’m still happy I did. 3 years in a row. Sometimes a boycott is good and proves a point but you have to pick your battles. If you boycott EVERY company that goes against something you believe in, you will have nowhere to shop, eat, and nothing to shampoo your hair with.

I think people just “boycott” the Salvation Army and like companies because it’s convenient for them. They don’t have to give up anything… but you can be sure that if a company like Apple came out as anti-gay, those same people wouldn’t be giving up their iPhones.

A Britney show is like the best biggest gay club you’ve ever been to.

Not saying that her only fans are gay, there were plenty of straight guys there too, some with their girlfriends (so cute) and some on their own (before you get on my case about judging people’s sexuality the reason I know this for sure is some guys we’re flirting with girls and getting their numbers and sometimes you can tell ok).

But what I mean was, everyone was dressed so nice, even fanmade shirts and stuff were legit looking and not sharpie on a shirt. Most people were dressed in like dinner/night out clothing. I think Britney fans have aged with her so for every 17 year old there were like five 21+ year olds. Everyone was respectful, fun, got along, partied together.

But the thing that’s different than most gay nightclubs is that at gay clubs like half (or less) of the people are hot. At a Britney show like 90% of the people there are hot. I don’t know what it is about Britney fans but man, I haven’t seen so many hot guys since… well.. since the last Britney show I went to! I seriously like almost came my pants 4 times in the lobby before Britney even came on. And then I came in my pants 4 more times for her. Also, all the the girls there were SO hot and had the best outfits on. 

I’m ranting because I drank at the show sorry hi k thx bye love you


Things someone who steals/reposts a gif I made should know:

Something I hear from time to time is “You don’t own the movie/show” “It’s the internet it’s fair game” “It’s just a gif” etc. You should consider what I have to do to make them:

  • If it’s a movie: Buy, Rent or find a torrent and download the movie and download from anywhere between 30min-4hours.
  • If it’s on said bought or rented DVD: Rip it using a DVD ripping program (I paid for, not free)
  • If it’s a non-youtube video: I have to find a way to download it using special software (that i pay for) or record it with screencapping software (also not free)
  • If it is a youtube video: search high and low to find it the most HQ
  • If it’s a downloaded movie: usually it’s in avi or mkv format so I have to use another program (not free) to convert it to a file format that photoshop can use
  • Import it into Photoshop CS5, size it crop it, get the frames right, add effects and optimize it to fit under 500kb and like 10 other things that most people that steal gifs have no idea how to do
  • upload them to tumblr and tag them so they can be found easily under categories.

All of this can take up to an hour or more. So if I get a little upset or vent about my gifs being posted (not rebloged) with no credit (and no, a click through is not the same thing as reblog or content-source) then I hope you understand why. These gifs don’t just come out of nowhere. Sometimes I think of something I want to make and I actually plan it and go out and rent it, so I’m a little sad when someone else who doesn’t do any work just posts it as their own. Mostly tho, this is a community where we share. Although not illegal, taking others content does say a lot about you. And tumblr WILL suspend you if you are reported enough, so it’s not exactly “allowed” either. Do the right thing. And the same can be applied to non-gif edits as well.

People that claim “alcoholic” all the time….

No you’re not. If you were you would be ashamed and hide it. You wouldn’t be bragging about it. Drinking often or even binge drinking here or there is not alcoholism. I have seen alcoholism many times in my life and in my own family, and it’s not that funny, or reason to boast.

So until you either (at least 3 of the following): have been jailed for alcohol related offenses, lost multiple jobs due to drinking, are hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, have gone through withdrawal syndrome for days at a time, have delirium tremens, steal money to buy alcohol, drink mouthwash or even cologne when you have no way of getting booze, slurp spilled alcohol of the floor when you spill it because your hands were too shaky, hide bottles of booze and drink and dont tell anyone, or wait outside liquor stores for them to open in the morning - you’re not an alcoholic.

Look at this h/c mother fucking bitch right here. Sordid low point or not, respect her triumphs, tribulations and her humanity.

Look at this h/c mother fucking bitch right here. Sordid low point or not, respect her triumphs, tribulations and her humanity.