Sorry for the lack of updates! Memorial Day Weekend was very busy for me, and also, I am re-watching Smallville from the beginning with my bro who has NEVER SEEN THE SHOW, so we have been doing that a lot. 

Will be back to normal soon, hopefully tomorrow! Love you guys. Stick with me!

Just renewed my domain for my 9th year.

It will be 10 years in Nov, 2013, along with the 10th anniversary of Britney’s In The Zone

I 1st bought this domain exactly 12 days after In The Zone came out. Toxic wasn’t even announced as a single yet but I just loved it, and knew it was going to be big. I just used the domain to host personal files, songs, and random stuff. I was just a dumb kid! It wasn’t until 2009 when I made this tumblr blog that I used it for this. :)

When I Saw You | Mariah Carey

Only once in a lifetime love rushes in changing you with the tide
And dawn’s ribbon of light bursts through the dark wakening you inside
And I thought it was all untrue, until there all at once I knew
When I saw you

Yo, tumblr. Welcome to my crib! (Lame) No but I finally cleaned my room today and I was bored so I took pictures…
Not pictured: My entryway with my Onyx Hotel Posters

So when I get my computer back, it will be wiped out to factory condition….

Which is kind of okay, since all my important stuff (photos, music, poisonparadise files) are backed up on my external… 

  • I’m gonna lose all my downloaded programs 
  • Lose all my HD episodes of Weeds and Trueblood
  • Lose some response gifs I made and never uploaded
  • A bunch of random stuff I haven’t thought of yet

It’s just gonna be a bitch getting everything back to the way I like it. Will probably take a week. :/ I’m most sad about the Weeds files cuz I was gonna make gifs 

Brandon: :-
Hani: i see what you did there
Hani: i see it
Ok so this month starts the final season of Smallville, season 10.

I used to be obsessed with the show, and then I got too busy with school and stuff and around season 4 I just couldn’t keep up and stopped watching, and it seemed to be getting kind of ridiculous anyway, but I always said I’d catch up before I got too behind.

Well it’s on season 10 now and I have yet to catch up. Seeing as though I’m not gonna blow hundreds of dollars buying seasons 4-9 (I have 1-3) and I’m not gonna search for every episode online and watch them this month, I’m probably just going to give up and watch the final season as it airs and not know what the hell is going on. Tom Welling is still hot though, so that helps.