West Coast | Lana Del Rey (Audio)

WrathschildTV - Episode 1
Simon and Wolfy take to Twitter for their first ever live chat.

If you’re a little late to the Wrathschild party, it’s okay! You can still catch up. Wrathschild is a new boy-girl duo made up of long time friends Simon Curtis and Wolfy; They have combined their talents and passion for some spectacular results. Their first single, “Fall Into Love” was released on iTunes on March 31st, and you can stream it here.

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Empire | Shakira

Wrathschild (Simon Curtis + Wolfy) Debuts With 'Fall Into Love': Exclusive Song Premiere →

Dreamy verses with moody muted drums transform into a full sweeping anthemic chorus with rock-arena drums. Stellar vocals, tight harmonies, a stretchy, elastic, synthy bassline, and don’t forget that chanty bridge which in itself is like a spiritual awakening. Catchy and radio friendly, but will stand out and last against today’s trivial Top 40.


Please click the link to head over to to listen to this amazing track, or head to for more review! 

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Danity Kane Performed A Komeback Show In LA Last Night, Premiered New Music and Danity Killed It →

Joy To The World | Mariah Carey

Underneath the Tree | Kelly Clarkson

Released on November 14, 1995, One Sweet Day became the longest running number one single in US Billboard Hot 100 history at 16 weeks atop the chart  from December 2, 1995 to March 16, 1996One Sweet Day became Carey’s tenth chart topping single on the Billboard Hot 100 and Boyz II Men’s fourth. The song also achieved strong success around the world, topping the charts in Canada and New Zealand, and reaching the top-ten in Australia, Belgium, France, Ireland, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Additionally, it was ranked first in Rolling Stones reader’s poll for the Best Collaboration of All Time.

Let me put it into perspective, it’s the day before St. Patrick’s day, and the number one song in the country has been the same every week since almost a month before Christmas.

Jimmy Fallon invited Mariah Carey super-fans to his studio for what they thought was just a “listening party” - What they didn’t know was that Mariah herself was there to surprise them, walking in part-way through the song and singing it to them.

Heart In 2 | Simon Curtis
New album WWW available for free download on Monday, 10/14/13 at 9:00 am EST, excluusively on

Good Time | Paris Hilton Feat. Lil Wayne (Extended Teaser)

I’m a sucker for heiresses and rave-anthem synths.

Hush | Liz

This is up and coming artist, Liz. If you like late 90’s - early 2000’s Pop and R&B, you will love the way she channels throwback Mariah, Brandy, Destiny’s Child style and mixes it with modern street sound. “Tasteful post-ratchet lollipop sounds.” Hear more samples of her tracks on her Soundcloud.

I knew that sample in Burqa sounded familar! It’s a great choice, this track is awesome.

Trouble | Britney Spears (Scenes from For The Record)

This song is just dying to be played in the background of a CW show.