Sometimes you have to get dirty before you can feel clean. Underneath the darkness there is light! #revolutionoflove

Sometimes you have to get dirty before you can feel clean. Underneath the darkness there is light! #revolutionoflove

Girl Gone Wild

eyecatcher95 asked: do you post any madonna-GIF's (am obviously a fan)

Yes! I have done gifs from Give Me All Your Luvin, her Super Bowl performance, a lot from Girl Gone Wild that i love, and my personal favorite, a gif set from Bedtime Story music video. They’re are all under the #Madonna tag :)

Britney Spears + Madonna | 2003 MTV VMANYC | 8.28.03

Britney Spears + Madonna | 2003 MTV VMA
NYC | 8.28.03

American Life (Unreleased Directors Cut) | Madonna

Conceived in early 2003 when an Iraq invasion by US forces was looming overhead, Madonna and director Jonas Åkerlund filmed a potent, prophetic, tongue-in-cheek “war is fashionable in a consumer obsessed culture” video satire in protest of the Afghanistan war and the Bush administration’s fascist-like attempts to shift an open society into a dictatorship. It seemed to be the “perfect storm” plan of timing, politics, controversy, art, and timing to dove-tail succinctly with the release of the ‘American Life’ single and album. However, before its world premiere on music channels in March 2003, Madonna unexpectedly cancelled the release and issued a statement saying that, “I do not believe that it is appropriate to air it (the video) at this time. Due to the volatile state of the world and out of sensitivity and respect for the armed forces, who I support and pray for, I do not want to risk offending anyone who might misinterpret the meaning of this video.” Because of this, Madonna & Jonas released a politically correct second version of the video that featured her singing in front of the world’s flags that seems a little lifeless and inadequate when in comparison. Rumors immediately ensued, accusing Warner Music (Madonna’s record label at the time) of censorship. Rumors which were never substantiated.

Sometimes I even I need to be reminded why she is the Queen of Pop. ♥

Nobody Knows Me (MDNA) - Britney Spears.

Vogue | Madonna

The term is called “scooting” and dogs do on the carpet to relieve the itch of an anal infection but in this case looks more like a vaginal problem

Madonna rehearsing Express Yourself + Born This Way for the MDNA Tour.

OMG Yes, this is so cute! The songs share the same chord progression and I always wished there was an official mashup (aside from the hundred fanmade ones) but this will have to do for me! This was an awesome way for Madonna to include a Gaga cover in her setlist and give a small homage. :D

Some Girls | Madonna