Anonymous asked: How old are you? Because you like a lot of 16,17, year olds... So...

Reminder: This blog is a model, celebrity, and pop culture blog. Save for reviews and opinions about music, film, or TV, this is not a personal blog. The things I post are sometimes influenced by what I think looks good, what readers will like, but not whom I am sexually attracted to, or whom I “like” as you said. This is not a blog of people I want to have sex with.

I post pop divas, female celebrities, and occasionally food and animals, but I don’t think you would insinuate that I am heterosexual, or a beastophile. (Hopefully the animals I post are of legal age?)

The things posted here are things that are popular, in demand, and make for a well rounded blog. Lots of pictures posted here are pictures submitted by photographers, asked to be posted by models, or requested by visitors. Some pictures are posted because of  partnerships this blog has with other sites. 

This blog is partially inspired by pop/celeb sites like JustJared, and Socialite Life. Posting whom and what is popular right now, with little or nothing personal about it, save for mostly positive commentary. For the record, most celebs and models posted on here are 18+ save for maybe a couple Austin Mahone pics, a couple models with ages unknown, etc. If the pictures are of a minor they are not pictures of them nude or in a sexual situation.

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Anonymous asked: What do you think about Zac Efron getting stuck off skid row and getting punched by a bum and and appearing to be drunk and all that stuff?????

I don’t really think anything about it, yet. I can’t form an opinion or theory when the main source of the news is TMZ. But I do hope for the best for him, and that he’s okay, regardless of the reason he was there and got punched.

Anonymous asked: Who is the gyrating male specimen in your sidebar logo?

Oh! It’s male model Sean O’Pry from Madonna’s Girl Gone Wild video!

Anonymous asked: wow. your blog looks so good! i love the new layout especially the social media icons when you hover how they fade to green. and also how the sidebar is grayscale, but not just grayscale it's like darker than just black and white? it matches your theme. that's so freaking cool.

Thanks! I did most of the colors and font stuff myself, but the sidebar stuff you’re talking about is thanks to my friend Andrew sogeh who is WAY better at CSS than I am (I suck). I also got some CSS help from my buddy siliconesaline who helped me on some font sizes and finding certain codings. :)

Anonymous asked: I came here to ask a question about Teen Wolf, but then saw that new Chris Mears shirtless photo and forgot my question. I'm gonna go back to staring at him.. laters!

Mission: accomplished

Anonymous asked: Is that the only pic of Dylan Obrien shirtless ever?

No.. and I have a couple on here.. I’ll dig em up and reblog them

Anonymous asked: I've always wondered, when you post 4 static images in a grid, why do you make the images so small? If you posted the images at their original resolution, and allowed Tumblr to resize them in the post, then people could click the images and view them at a more enjoyable size. You post nice photos so it's such a shame to only be able to look at them when they're no bigger than a matchbox.

Thanks for asking. Most tumblr “edit” makers such as myself size images in photosets to their respective sizes, 245px for 2 images in a row, 160px for 3. 

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Anonymous asked: is Chris Mears your ultimate celebrity crush?

He’s probably my favorite athlete, and a really great guy overall.

Anonymous asked: how do we contact you personally about famous peoples nudes?

Um, I don’t think you do.

Anonymous asked: Was Zac's YOLO tattoo fake? :/

No, but hand tatoos fade over time and kind of wear off unless you get them redone a couple times, so it probably just wore off (thank god)

Anonymous asked: I'm Hungry like the Wolf for more Teen Wolf Twins! Who would you paint seductively at a black light party?


Anonymous asked: Have you ever met any celebrities or got pictures taken with them?

I have a picture with J-Lo. No amazing story, my sis won tickets to a CD signing from a radio station, and we got front of the line. She was very nice and I was such a nervous wreck I was paralyzed, but she was still so sweet to me. That’s the only pic I have with a celeb.

But I have met lots of celebs, working at Disneyland restaurants and fine dining in Orange County- to name a few people that I served myself:

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Anonymous asked: its sad how many idiots on here worship your blog and kiss your ass

Anonymous asked: What is your favorite tumblr blog currently?

That’s hard to say, but if I had to name one right now, suprisingly I would say recently biomorphosis, a blog for gifs from nature, animals, insects, and interesting biological facts. Also, for a long time, gastrogirl has been a fave of mine: a collection of great food and recipe posts from the internet. My likes are filled with posts from both of those blogs.

I know you might have expected me to say some steamy model blog or something, but remember that what I post doesn’t always reflect my personal interests. Well, it does sometimes, obvs, but it doesn’t define me :)

Anonymous asked: Wait, favorite posts of the years, and there's no ZAC nude on the balcony, or nude in the toilet from his new movie, really??!!

Well, balcony Zac was 2012, but shit, you’re totally right about the toilet-boner pic! I’ll add it. 

Or I should just make a fave Zac posts photoset.