I really dislike when people hate on something because its bigger, more, or more expensive than what they have, and they judge people.

"oh you have a 2TB hard drive on your computer? why would you need that"

"why do you need a 50 inch TV? that’s too big"

"why do you have a 1080 HD monitor?" "Why do you have 2 monitors?" 

"you have the Samsung Galaxy S3? That screen is way too big why do you needit? The S2 is fine"

"you have the 64GB iPhone 5? That’s excessive"

Well maybe music, videos and files are important to some of us. Maybe we have a lot of music. Maybe it makes it easier for some of us to design graphics and maybe we had an extra monitor.  Maybe we got a good sale. Maybe we find these things useful.

Maybe we drive older used cars and shop grocery sales and recycle stuff and take in an extra roommate to save money, but we still like our electronics to be nice, yeah?

Don’t rain on our parade just because you don’t have or need the same things. If things were one size fits all there would only be one size.

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