evansonearth asked: what was your opinion on scream and shout? sorry if you already answered this and i just didn't see it. i liked it. it's not what i expected, but it's not bad

Well, I didn’t want to say, because I don’t want to put a damper on all the happy Britney stans right now, but I’ve been asked this so many times today I guess I should just post it.

I am not a “stan”. Stans are defensive biased blind followers. I am a real, good, unbiased fan, and sometimes that means being honest. The same way you would be honest with your best friend. 

Will.I.Am is super repetative and lazy lately. He produced some of my fave songs ever, especially in the mid BEP era and Fergie solo album. But I feel he has gotten lazy and relies too much on gimmick.

Scream and Shout is basic and repetitive. It has a good beat and somewhat fun effects but they sound dated and too familiar. There is no real singing on the track (see also: Big Fat Bass) and they even skipped out on having a cool bridge. 

British accent Britney and the “Britney, bitch” soundbyte are the most redeeming qualities and the reason I will still listen to it. Other that that there’s not much of anything clever or creative about it, lyrically, musically, or otherwise. That being said I still like it! Just being real about why I don’t love it.

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  2. enoonmai said: Have you heard the final radio edit played on French stations yet? It’s a little more beefed up, sounds a lot better IMO.
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