Random thoughts on Jason Brock’s X-Factor exit

Last week while watching X Factor USA I must have said “This is like a bad Las Vegas lounge gay Tom Jones revue” 3 times while watching Jason Brock’s performance in the zebra suit and showgirls. I fully expected Simon to make the “Vegas lounge show” comment because he is usually on the level with what I’m thinking.  But he didn’t and I was kind of surprised. I even said “HOW IS NO ONE MAKING THE VEGAS SHOW COMPARISON?” But I let it go.

Then this week Jason wore the red suit and I somewhat thought the same thing again. Then out of nowhere, Britney said that it was like a Vegas lounge show and I was shocked at the level of accuracy of that critique and even my friends watching with me looked at me like what I had been saying all week not only was validated, but was validated by my girl Brit.

Brit u my girl.

I love him tho, I’m proud at that even with his out sexuality and his age being older than a lot of the rest of the contestants he came so far. He has a great voice and he is so talented. I hope he gets a lead in a big Broadway musical. Not sure he is a pop star, but more than anything it’s not his fault about the outfits: whoever was styling him should be fired. You can’t put someone that fabulous and flamboyant and full-figured in colored suits and patterns and surround them with shirtless male dancers and showgirls with headdresses and not have them seem cheesy and campy.

sidenote: Brit is also the only judge to voice the Ke$ha correlation with CeCe after I (and many others) had been saying it for weeks. If she had said that the leopard paint looked more like tire tracks I would have DIED.

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