itstonybetch asked: Whatcha think about the whole Birthday Cake remix situation?

I don’t think people should full on hate on Rihanna. It his her business if she wants to forgive him. I mean, you have to forgive in order to heal and move on. Holding a grudge will eat you up inside for the rest of your life, and you will end up a bitter resentful person. I’m not sure she needed to go as far as to record with him again though…

I think it’s very sad. (Especially if she is just doing it to be edgy/publicity) She has the amazing opportunity to be a strong empowered woman who shows it in her examples. Instead she is coming off weak, and she is being a horrible example to young girls. It just looks like she is making immature decisions, but that’s just my opinion. 

I don’t think Rihanna has ever been or tried to be a role model or even really cared about what kind of examples she sets so we shouldn’t expect her to now. It’s sad. I’m not hating on her for it, she didn’t commit a crime or anything. I’m just disappointed. 

  1. este-chico said: So many things I’d like to say, and so little space here, check out my rant…
  2. destiel-sterek-klaroline-hipster said: ME TOO, but i love her
  3. itstonybetch said: Agreed. It’s sad that people are just gonna eat that shit song up and praise Chris. -.-
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