What’s your best caption for this picture?


What’s your best caption for this picture?

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    Can you not look at my husbands pants? Thanks :)
  5. cookienips answered: Well, I think that miiiight be herpes, but you should still go to the doctor.
  6. illkim answered: "*tongue click* …ok… I might be able to work with it…"
  7. willshowdik4acid answered: 'i thought it would be bigger'
  8. itskittibitch answered: Whatever you do just make sure those socks don’t fall out of your underwear, okay?
  9. unraveledrisks answered: Lick my pussy & my crack~
  10. deepfriedsoulbutter answered: Nope, I don’t think the condom broke this time.
  11. mahsupahlife answered: Girl: let take a look at that lil winie
  12. cryrvrs answered: Let me just pick out the crabs so you won’t be scratching on camera again.
  13. thedailyderrek answered: Where is it?
  14. triptomyheart answered: She can smell another paternity lawsuit cumming
  15. bowtieinc answered: is that really thats all there?? i knew it!
  16. prettyrebels answered: where is it?
  17. iam-johnlockd answered: wow, why is it that small ? maybe people are right, you’re a girl.
  18. crimson-stained-nostalgia answered: oh!, i foundd it, finnallly,now we can have sex and when i get pregnant you pay my child supportt.
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    This could be my brother’s back, it looks quite similar! Creepy
  20. xenophiledelight answered: AY!!! I told you watch the teeth.
  21. hello-myapple said: Hey stop I don’t like to be touched there by girls.
  22. riwaj answered: "YOUR F***ING PU**Y IS HANGING OUT"
  23. ahundredbookmarkers answered: "don’t worry, there’s Nothing there"
  24. osoamargado answered: LOOK! I’m Straig… LOL JRK!
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  26. staningforbreezy answered: See nelissa it wont go back down
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  28. iamasweettreat answered: So that’s what “fluffing” is…
  29. dahpenmaire answered: this time, don’t get caught.
  30. sournurse said: "It’s like your hips aren’t even there! Why does this keep happening?! Stay up! Stay up!"
  31. itstruetinatoldme answered: I don’t know where its gone??
  32. hatondiscat answered: you are a lesbian!! I knew it!!
  33. jayrcasilang answered: can i borrow your dick? i need a tooth pick for my teeth .
  34. malikmydick answered: "yeah, thats definitely crabs."
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  36. annashford answered: "i didn’t mean to bite it!"
  37. vaginalcookies answered: "Nope, sorry can’t see anything."