Teen Wolf: The Boys of Season 4 Episode 3 (Gifs)

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On Monday night, MTV premiered the newest episode of Teen Wolf, and there were a few new faces. Some temporary, some may be future fixtures. Let’s take a look at the new boys of Beacon Hills, appearing in season 4 episode 3.



Character: Sean Walcott
Supernatural: Yes
Played by: Glenn McCuen
Known for: Marmaduke (2010)
Actor age: 23
Will we see him again: Not likely — he looked pretty dead, but nobody truly dies in Beacon Hills.
Notes: Dat booty doe…



Character: Garrett
Supernatural: No
Known for: Flowers in the Attic (TV Movie)
Played by: Mason Dye
Actor age: 19 
Will we see him again: Yes
Notes: It probably won’t be long until he’s shirtless in the locker room.



Character: Liam
Supernatural: Not yet?
Played by: Dylan Sprayberry
Known for: Man of Steel
Actor age: turned 16 on Monday
Will we see him again: Yes
Notes: Supplying some age-appropriate eye candy for the underage viewers.


That rounds up the new additions from this episode, but we can’t leave out our favorite regulars:

Scott & Stiles


Deputy Parrish


What did you think of the episode? Who is your favorite Beacon boy? Leave a comment below!


“Teen Wolf” airs Monday nights at 10/9C on MTV
Gifs: Poison Paradise

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  • John

    You are doing the Lord’s work, Brandon. God bless you. Sidenote: I was feeling that dead cannibal (before he died) and of course the holy trinity of O’Brien, Posey and Hoechlin.

    • http://poisonparadise.com/ Poison Paradise

      Holy shit! My new site is officially christened! John is here! Thank you for the love, my dear. Compliments from you makes everything worth it. And I feel you: I was totally feeling that lost Abercrombie model turned cannibal as well. The first shirtlessness of the season! Easing us into it, Jeff Davis?

  • http://itzbee.wordpress.com/ BeeXxX

    The first guy is so cute to me.. and has such a hot body. Thank you for clarifying his age because I felt bad looking at him lmao.

    • http://poisonparadise.com/ Poison Paradise

      Wasn’t it a nice bonus that he’s not a teen? I still miss Daniel Sharman, though.

      • http://itzbee.wordpress.com/ BeeXxX

        Call me crazy… but I liked the fact that Daniel wasn’t as defined/ripped as the other guys. His body was great but he wasn’t like… chiseled as the other guys? I read the other day that he’s joining the cast of The Originals so… yay he’ll be back on our tv’s…. I actually really like The Originals tbh.. plus Charles Michael Davis is GORGEOUS

  • walt

    lol. You took the words right out of my head for the first guy when I watched the episode for the first time and saw that angle. Shame we couldn’t see more of it and that Shaun turned out to be a non-friendly monster.

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